The HUB on social media

About: I work with our social media editor-in-chief to promote our content across Facebook (primarily for our older consumers, like parents), Twitter (primarily different DHS groups and students active on social media) and Instagram (our fastest-growing audience). We have different engagement strategies articulated in greater detail below.

The HUB on Twitter @dhshubBesides tweeting links to all our stories and retweeting tweets by different DHS sports and other groups, we frequently live tweet events and grow/engage our audience by utilizing interactive Twitter campaigns with hashtags.

@dhshub homepage from Jan. 9, 2016:


Example of a social media campaign, #hubslittlehelpers:

The most recent campaign, #HUBlove, netted us about 15 new followers on Valentine’s Day alone. 

My live tweeting of cross-country races

(Published on @dhshub on Twitter on Dec. 5, 2015)

About: While in the car en route to a journalism awards ceremony, I live tweeted two cross-country races by retweeting information and using courtesy photos from people at the events and screenshots of the live stream. Many engaged with HUB by liking/retweeting our posts, and the format provided real-time coverage.

Click here to see a Storify timeline of the tweets.

The HUB on Instagram @bluedevilhub

About: Most of our followers are students. The photographers (and sometimes reporters) post frequent photos of school sports games and events, overseen by the website photo editor and me. We have a weekly “Devils of DHS” featuring a conversation between a student and photographer, similar to “Humans of New York.”

bluedevilhub homepage from Jan. 9, 2016:  


An example of “Devils of DHS”:

One of my Instagram posts:

The HUB on Facebook “The HUB”

About: The primary purpose of Facebook, which is where we attract the majority of our website views, is to share all our links to stories and multimedia. We also tag organizations in posts–for example, the Blue and White Foundation is an alumni group that we were able to engage via alumni profiles–and maintain a connection with older readers.

The HUB homepage from Jan. 9, 2016:


The Blue and White Foundation’s recent share of one of our alumni profiles:

Blue and White

Continued engagement strategy

About: The platforms we use to interact with our audience are ever-changing, and I have to sometimes make improvements and edits to our engagement strategy. 

  1. This year, we re-introduced our radio program, KDRT’s “Dirt on Davis” that airs every other Tuesday. We are working to increase awareness of the program, which is run by our radio editor and features radio packages by staff members.
  2. With our Webmaster, I’m communicating with our school’s robotics team to develop a HUB app people can download on their phones to receive mobile news alerts, similar to the CNN app. We’re hoping to debut the app sometime in the spring.
  3. Our efforts to launch a HUB Snapchat so far have not come to fruition, but that is another social media project we hope to launch this spring.
  4. I also occasionally make subtractions from our social media presence when I realize something isn’t working the way it’s intended–with the website sports editor, I wrote a “weekly sports recap” on Facebook in the fall. After several months, I decided to pull the program because the hours it took to compile game results and quotes was not worth the engagement–not enough people were reading it.

Career Center Brochure

Created in June 2015

About: For our end-of-the-year auction project in which HUB members market their skills to people at school and around the community–enabling us to reach a wider audience and raise money for our publication–I worked with another journalist to create a brochure for our school’s Career Center Coordinator.

Auction assignment: 

online auction-page0001

Brochure we created:

Career Center brochure2 Career Center brochure

Online advertising

About: After years of print advertising, I collaborated with our business managers and Webmaster to start online advertising in 2016. I created an online advertising policy and we found our first advertiser. The Webmaster is currently working on formatting the ad correctly on our website, and we hope to have it published soon.

Email sent to initial advertiser detailing advertising information:


Advertisement currently being formatted: